August 10, 2014


Music | Where is My Mind by The Pixies

It is the grain, the uneven spread of the chemicals creating imperfect processing to the paper, the flaws... Nothing captures the eye nicer than flaws, when they work harmoniously to create beautiful imperfection...

This image is taken with the great Fuji 3000B Instant Film. Creating both positive and negative, I tend to produce images with the negative as the soul of the image lies within it.

TheAvalanches | Hat by Elizabeth Rohloff

August 05, 2014

The Print...

Music : Folk Song for Cello by Savath & Savalas

Such a shame it is to have to be reminded how beautiful a photographic print can be. I recently shot a few still lifes and thought how alluring it would be to see them as prints, as opposed to seeing them on a screen as I have become accustomed to. I've always thought it was my job to educate clients and the public in general how important photographs are. So easily have I been sucked into the norm, which is of course no excuse since I am a photographer.

The images below were captured almost by happenstance. Earlier in the week, I pulled out the aging pieces that Françoise Weeks created over 5 months ago for a photo shoot. I kept the pieces knowing that I wanted to shoot them again. The floral head piece and scarf were used a week ago with a model, but I just left the shoes in the box they lay rest in. The outdoor studio was consolidated because of rain earlier in the week, but was easy enough to set up a still life. I shot one shoe twice, the other, once and together, once.

TheAvalanches modeling the aged couture pieces by Françoise Weeks

Botanical shoe couture by Françoise Weeks

Botanical shoe couture by Françoise Weeks

There are images that speak to me and scream. The shoes are a great example. As I saw them on the screen, they demanded to be printed - on very nice, textural, heavy cotton rag paper. I can describe the prints as of course beautiful, but also substantial. There is weight depicted.

I've been on a binge printing after printing the shoes. I realize I may never catch up with physical prints, but having them laying about, speaking softly to me to pick them up, study, speculate and just enjoy image on paper is a good enough reason to keep going.

July 28, 2014

Stepping Back In...

Music | Freedom by World Saxophone Quartet

And slowly, after a flurry of wonderful events that have happened even weeks before the opening of my exhibition at Sesso and thru the rest of June and into July, my ride has slowed to where I can put my feet on the ground. I don't mind feeling a little bit left of center, I actually prefer it. It is my normal and where I like to be. So, now that I have "landed", I'm feeling the urge to shoot again.

I think the adage of, "With age comes wisdom" is somewhat true. I innately knew I needed to step off and let myself catch up. Along with my highs, especially emotionally, I had to deal with my demons. They come out as I come down from being out of my stratosphere. Reality sets in and slaps me awake as if I were in a dream state.

I think my circle has put me back to my creative space. My desire to get behind the camera is growing. Ideas are once again dancing in my head. It is nice to get back on the adventurous and familiar road.

June 09, 2014

On the Walls...

Music | Likufanele by Zero 7

As the show hangs at Sesso thru the end of July...

Main wall. 16x20 inch frames with 8x10 inch ambrotypes">

1) 16x20 inch frame with 8x10 inch ambrotypes and 4) 11x14 inch frames with 7x7 image"

Thank you to Emmy for the photos">

June 06, 2014

Post Exhibition Opening at Sesso...

Music | Breathe In by Frou Frou

I was driving to the opening a little disappointed as my date had a family emergency and couldn't make it. I opted to show fashionably late (30 minutes or so...) and the disappointment suddenly, at the turn into the doorway of Sesso, turned to fear! I saw so many people inside that I took a step backwards. Gathering my composure and a deep breath, I stepped on in and was greeted by so many friends that the fear turned into something else... Goodness. From that moment, the next hour and a half was just a whirlwind of hugs and smiles and laughter. I had a few missions that I had to cover, but beyond that, I let the evening take me...

The girls who were pre-tied and roped for the event looked absolutely fabulous. Thank you Cadence, Midnightmagenta, Mininapdx and especially Mitsu, who came down from Seattle just to be there. Big thank yous to Chaps, Mr. Old School and Noble for doing their amazing ropework under what looked like to me, crazy conditions. Those who were guests who allowed themselves to be roped, for the first time or not, you all looked great and added tremendously to the exhibition and show! Thanks to all at Sesso. The images wereagain, hung in flawless fashion and presented wonderfully... Thanks to the staff of Sesso for making this great event happen and made it look smooth as silk, under what was some crazy conditions. In my eyes, everything went on without a hitch!

All of the guests, friends, friends of friends et al., you guys get the biggest thanks. It was an amazing night for me and worth all of the work put into it. It is one of those nights that will be memorable for a very long time. I'll be older and greyer and have that night to give me a big smile on my face...

Thank you...

I was able to pull the models out for a quick shoot in front of the venue. I loved the energy and seeing the crowd outside just gawkng...

June 01, 2014


Music | The Sicilian by Bonobo

The show I knew I was having since last September is now out of my hands. The last 3 days has consisted of 16 hours of measuring, cutting, and assembling, all plates and prints are beautifully framed and delivered to the venue in which they will be hung for my opening exhibition in 4 days.

It has been grueling these last few months as I was trying to meet my own expectations of having so many images to choose for the show. I sadly fell short and knew that I would. This project was a struggle for more reasons I care to talk about. Self imposed, circumstance, and generally feeling out of sync; only momentarily did I feel at one with this project. As the opening day approaches the weight of getting it all together is over, I'm quickly gaining perspective. Battles are a good thing, especially when you can learn from them. This journey has certainly given me way more knowledge about myself than if I had not taken it on. Life would probably have been more simple, but reaching the heights I have and bottoming out to some uncertainties, I'm feeling good about where I have been and the road I chose to travel...

Some detail images from the upcoming exhibition...

Detail, Moonshine. Mask by Le Cordonnnier

Detail, Wil

Detail, Cadence

Detail, Mitsue

May 26, 2014


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I got up at 2:34 a.m. today and had a revelatory idea in my brain that I thought well enough to get out of bed and write about. The initial idea, once put on paper opened up and defined other thoughts I was having and defined some things about and beyond what I was trying to convey. My first round was type written, but from the beginning, I knew I wanted to put ink to paper. Being in sort of a sub zone of consciousness I think is a good thing as you are much closer to your brain. In my sleep deprived zone, I come up with some really brilliant ideas. At least I think I do... Like dreams, the message often slips away as you slowly awaken...

But about writing, paper to ink... It is so sad that the world has moved away from an elegant, romantic, beautiful way of communicating. Paper in an envelope can travel anywhere you go. Bring along to reread and contemplate at your leisure. You carry with you and part of the writer... Time can be taken to read between the lines... Essence, ever so subtle can be expressed... The message can last a lifetime...

I recently wrote a letter to a dear friend. My hope is that my words are conveyed as I meant them. As time moves forward, all we have are memories. I hope that one day, decades from now, she rereads my words and can relive this time and have something to remember, fondly...
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